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  • Basic Copy/Paste, multiple sheets and Databases

    Hello all! I’m not good with this, so I’m am reaching out to those who are. I can record and run basic macros, but this is above my skill level. I’ve...

    Eagleeyes011 | Latest reply: Eagleeyes011 Sep 29
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  • How to get the data in excel from Rest API using Excel VBA

    Dear Experts, I would like to build an excel file that allows me to see the time entered between two dates (Start date and End date). REST-based API...

    Raj_2823 | Latest reply: Raj_2823 Sep 19
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  • Find text in multiple cells and return different text

    Hello, I am a teacher trying to find an alternative to manually entering data for single children and a way of simply analysing it.  I have created a...

    MLloyd81 | Latest reply: MLloyd81 Sep 18
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  • Apply Conditional Formatting Across Several Cells Solved

    Hello, I want to change the color of a row if there is text in column A of that row.  I have the following equation: "=AND(ISTEXT($A$2))" ... and I h...

    RDavis | Latest reply: rdavis Sep 12
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  • Formula for Outputting Value from Dropdown List

    Hello, I need assistance with finding a way to output the value of cell based on the text it's associated with in a drop down list. Below is a scre...

    olsatch | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 12
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  • How to add Rows automatically based on Cell Value In Excel? Solved

    Hi All, I have a requirement to add the Rows Based On Cell Value In Excel. Below I have attached the snapshot of the requirement details. I have two...

    Raj_2823 | Latest reply: TrowaD Sep 12
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  • populate values in textbox based on combobox ,optionbutton Solved

    Hello, I  have  the  items  in column B  in sheet1,2,3   and  the  prices  in columns F,G  for sheet1,2      and  the  prices  for columns F  for  sh...

    Mussa_8911 | Latest reply: Mussa_8911 Sep 09
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  • Running a macro in different cells Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a question. I recorded a macro to average a series of columns, highlight the averages row in a bold color. I would now like to run the ...

    Rinat | Latest reply: Helmy Sep 05
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  • How to extract text from column that got text

    Hello, I would like help on how to extract text from column which has text. Some column might not have text or blank, want to know how to extract th...

    Manjit | Latest reply: Jameswalter2050 Aug 27
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  • how to convert excel to pdf in tamil font Closed

    Hello, how to convert excel to pdf in Tamil font

    Amutha | Latest reply: Jameswalter2050 Aug 27
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  • How to Speedup Formula processing

    I have been using this formula which macthes the List of Cells to Raw String and if match found then write same value. This function is working fin...

    DevopRaj | Latest reply: Jameswalter2050 Aug 27
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  • Generating invoice number automatic without repetition Solved

    Hello, please I need help , I want VBA CODE  to Generating invoice number  automatic without repetition in my excel any time type in the next cell it...

    SOLOMON231 | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 25
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  • pasting a column into alternating rows in new column

    Hello, i have a column of ID numbers and a column of names next to it, I want to copy and past the names with their corresponding id in cell under the...

    Kusay | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 16
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  • Macro to automatically update a master sheet from multiple sheets Solved

    Hello, I have a file with a master sheet and 6 different individual sheets. Each sheet is considered a project. It includes person's information a...

    Monu | Latest reply: TrowaD Aug 16
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  • Working with multiple worksheets in a workbook Solved

    Hello, I am completely new to all of this so please bear with me. I am new to forums and how they work so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat ...

    buffala77 | Latest reply: vcoolio Aug 11
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  • Conditional formatting as text, unless cell is a certain col

    Hello, If I  create a conditional formatting rule for column A to turn a color given work "General" How do I make it so that it turns "General" that...

    ChloeG | Latest reply: ChloeG Jul 26
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  • Compare 2 columns if it matches all columns must go toSheet2

    Hello, Thank you for putting the time aside to help me. There are 2 sheets, Summary and Journal. Step 1: In the Summary sheet, I added Column E to ...

    Reinette | Latest reply: abdelfatah_0230 Jul 23
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  • Indirect Ref# error

    I use a formula to set the name of my sheet (using VBA to move data around) to a number based on a cell value. The value is always a number and if the...

    Tbonekiller | Latest reply: Tbonekiller Jul 20
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  • master sheet to auto populate from multiple sheets

    hello! could someone kindly assist me with a formula or a macro that will auto populate/update the master sheet  using information from sheets A-E. t...

    Mukundi_001 | Latest reply: vcoolio Jul 19
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  • Move rows to another sheet based on values in column A

    Hello, I am trying to have rows in sheet "KEY" automatically moved to sheet "INACTIVE DRIVERS" if the cell in column A is "Inactive". I have looked...

    amcrawford | Latest reply: vcoolio Jul 14
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  • Convert

    Hello, Sir/madam how to convert 30-1-2009in words

    Hlo | Latest reply: Hlo Jul 05
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  • How to lock in specific cells in a formula going down rows Solved

    Hello, I am having an issue with easily repeating a formula I've made. the formula is =IF(AP2=Sheet2!K3,Sheet2!L3,IF(AP2=Sheet2!K4,Sheet2!L4,IF(...

    JoshL | Latest reply: JoshL Jun 27
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  • Counting and stop counting in a cell

    Hello, I need to create a formula for a cell involving number of days between dates. A2 - start date B2 - lead time C2 - end date D2 - showi...

    jerome | Latest reply: TrowaD Jun 21
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  • Hello friends. Please help ! COUNTIF formula ? Solved

    Hello friends. Please help ! I want a formula ( maybe COUNTIF? ) to count how many "W" and "D" and "L" are found per each range: "B3:B12", "D3:D12"...

    realest25 | Latest reply: TrowaD Jun 13
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  • Highlight cell if another cell contains specific text

    Hello, I have random text in cell C6 that I would like to highlight green if cell N6 has 'yes', red if cell N6 has 'no', and grey out if cell N6 h...

    Abbi | Latest reply: vcoolio Jun 10
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  • change cell color of all cells in my formula

    I often have huge spreadsheets where I have to add random cells together. In order to make sure I don't miss any cells, I want to change the color of ...

    jlindgren | Latest reply: JessyLew Jun 02
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  • Excel formula to check if cell contains a date

    Hello, Hi, I am trying to write a formula to check if there is DATE value in a particular cell. If there is a DATE value, need to say "DELETED...

    Aniruddha | Latest reply: TrowaD May 30
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  • Automatically update one sheet from multiple other sheets Solved

    Hello, I have a workbook with each office location having its own sheet to keep track of project information all with the same column headings. Co...

    zboneill | Latest reply: vcoolio May 20
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  • Create and populate sheets based on values in master list

    I have seen a few similar forms but cannot seem to achieve the functionality I'm hoping for. My workbook will have a master spreadsheet that is per...

    chorton2 | Latest reply: vcoolio May 06
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  • Formula to compare 2 columns and count missing values

    Hello, I have an Excel spreadsheet where I want to compare values between two columns A and b and to see if any values are missing in column b. ...

    Mikey150 | Latest reply: rizvisa1 May 05
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  • Email notification when cells in a column are changed

    Hello, I am trying to set up a macro to send an email when a cell changes in a certain column in excel. I used a conversation in this forum that g...

    ITJennyS | Latest reply: rizvisa1 May 05
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  • Conditional format B1 based on a specific word in A1 & calc

    Hello, I would like to check how to use the conditional formatting to get a colored cell in B1 containing numbers (based on a "INC VAL" in Cell A1...

    Sorrow81 | Latest reply: Sorrow81 May 03
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  • summing values based on matching column across sheets Solved

    Hello, Hello, I would match data across sheets based on matching columns B then should add & summing the values to sheet summary under heade...

    leapout | Latest reply: leapout Apr 26
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  • how to copy data after at a fixed cell Solved

    Hello, I have the following data for which it needed to be copied on another sheet after a gap of 7 cells for each entry in Sr No. column. Li...

    skprma | Latest reply: skprma Apr 13
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  • Keep Track of Customers Service Visits

    Hi All, I need help in keeping track in excel of the customers service visits. I have customers that are visited weekly, some twice a month, most of...

    christossol | Latest reply: TrowaD Apr 11
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  • Comp. value in 2 columns against a list and disp. text in 3r

    Hello, I need some help as I cant figure out how to construct this. I have been using a combination of IFS, AND, & VLOOKUP functions but I cant se...

    Rschewe1 | Latest reply: TrowaD Apr 11
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  • Excel formula for filling another cell

    I have four columns in excel. Column A is named "Date" while Column B is named "Day". Column B depends on the value in Column B and I got the Formula...

    ejeruratyuuga | Latest reply: TrowaD Apr 07
    1 reply

    In creating an excel app to calculate the aggregate for students in their exams as used by WAEC to determine the student aggregate in BECE . The Excel...

    peterappiahkubi | Latest reply: Wofanat Mar 23
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  • Conditional formatting in Sheets rows based on text in cell

    Hello, I have looked through some past answers and have not found a solution yet; I am trying to apply conditional formatting to a sheet where if te...

    Lindsey | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Mar 07
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  • Code to move rows into another sheet based on certain values

    I found this lovely little script on this forum. It has worked flawlessly. I have a spreadsheet with multiple pages and I would like this code to work...

    Eagleeyes011 | Latest reply: vcoolio Mar 05
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  • Macro: change cell color based on value in another cell

    Hello, I'm am trying to fix a spread sheet at work but what i need is a macro that i can run to do the following if the word Traffic appears in...

    randal.hite | Latest reply: TrowaD Mar 03
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  • Autogenerate alphanumeric ID numbers in Excel? Solved

    Hiya! Let me start off by saying I am NOT a tech person so I don't even know if this is possible. I am trying to create an excel sheet where I can ...

    NoTechKnowle... | Latest reply: vcoolio Mar 02
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  • search across all open workbooks for user defined criteria Solved

    Here is my problem - we store info into files that use an index number (changes with each file created) plus 2 criteria to keep track as we produce ma...

    Tbonekiller | Latest reply: TrowaD Mar 01
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  • auto-fill items repeatedly for two sheets based on another Solved

    Hello, I have two sheets(FIL1,FIL2) should auto fill some items into column A repeatedly . it depends on sheet REP after matching based on colum...

    leapout | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 24
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  • Copying a row based on a integer in a cell Solved

    Hello, I am needing help making a macro that will allow me to do a number of things, that may or may not be able to be done with one single macro. (...

    Sheepy_777 | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 24
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  • Automatically creating code like OTP

    Hello, I want to make some automatically code or number against once I enter data in cell. I mean it's like OTP number . It's not necessary that it'...

    Deepak | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 17
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  • how split column into multiple columns for multiples sheets Solved

    Hello, I need macro to split column C for sheets REP1,PROC1 into columns C,D,E based on matching column B with column B into sheet RP ...

    Hasson_6770 | Latest reply: Hasson_6770 Feb 15
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  • UserForm VBA excel. Saving data depending on the parameters

    Hello, I created a UserForm through Excel VBA with the data text input which contains dates (ex. 2015,2016 etc.) I need this data to be put into d...

    gogazapr | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 08
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  • Reference and tranpose cell information

    Hello, I am trying to get get the formula in SHEET 2 ROW 3 to copy the data from SHEET 1 COLUMN D. I tried to just copy and paste or copy and dra...

    Rokky | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 08
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  • match & add missed items between two sheets Solved

    Hello, I have two sheets contain the same structure of data . the result should show in column B,C into sheet2 based on matching with sheet1 . ...

    abdomegahri | Latest reply: TrowaD Feb 08
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