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  • Instagram Account Hacked!

    Hello, Two days ago my Instagram Artist Page was hacked. Despite 48 hrs trying to retrieve my account, I have got absolutely nowhere! Instagram...

    artistfromNW3 | Latest reply: christianna 07:22 PM
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  • IG Music Turning to Static After Posting

    Hello, When I add music from the IG library to a video, it turns into static when I post the video.  I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it last ni...

    Gingertrail | Latest reply: TheDoll 10:41 AM
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  • Help - How can I recover my Insta account without email

    Hello, I'm desperately trying to retrieve my Instagram account. The issue started 3 weeks ago when Insta asked me to verify my email address - which ...

    gadck | Latest reply: gadck Sep 30
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  • Collab Posts Disappeared Solved

    Hello, I tried to archive a photo I posted that was part of a collab. I got an error message and now the post is gone. Not in my feed, archived post...

    ChristopherJ... | Latest reply: asAlmas Sep 29
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  • Mention in a story not mentioned

    Hello, I added a mention in my story but it didn't show at the person's message. I thought that I made a spelling mistake, so I tried to add it in th...

    Anda | Latest reply: Anda Sep 27
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  • Can I create highlights from reels?

    Hello, I'm trying to create a highlight from reels but I can't. The reels do not appear in the upload menu. Is it not possible to include reels in a...

    maicart | Latest reply: maicart Sep 26
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    I have an IG account that has 2 others attached to it. To fix a problem, I uninstalled it from one of my tablets and reinstalled. There was no problem...

    Bfearr | Latest reply: Bfearr Sep 26
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  • Cannot boost instragram post due to error

    Hello, When i am trying to do boost my instagram post, i am gettig below error. "the link you followed may have expired or the page may only be visi...

    Jish | Latest reply: Jish Sep 23
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  • Instagram Log In Error

    Hello, I keep trying to log into instagram and whenever I type in the password or use a log-in link it automatically comes back with an error messa...

    billk1232 | Latest reply: billk1232 Sep 23
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  • Ig stories from close friends to public Closed

    Hello, I have in my archive an old story that was originally setted on "close friends". Now I'd like to put this story in my story highlights, but i...

    Darren | Latest reply: Sosa Sep 19
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  • I can’t change my username

    Hello, I have a problem with usernames and I wish someone could explain what is happening.  In this text I will use “username1”, “username2” and “use...

    demigod93 | Latest reply: demigod93 Sep 13
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  • How to Hide Facebook Click Id from Instagram link in bio?

    Hello peoples... From some days I have seen that my Instagram Business Profile link in bio as changed... Before was: Now is:

    Thavzvs42 | Latest reply: Monoxide Sep 13
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  • Instagram account disabled. Not receiving code

    Hello, My Instagram account was disabled last night and it said that it sent a 6 digit code to my email to "verify" me. I have yet to receive this em...

    Theereal24 | Latest reply: Theereal24 Sep 13
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  • Account block

    Hello, I had a type of an account block a few hours ago on my Instagram account. I am trying to login from multiple devices and a pop up message is...

    Nick | Latest reply: Nick Sep 12
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  • Activity problem

    Hello, I have the activity status turned on in my settings, yet on my iPhone I do not see who is online among my friends in the DM. If I delete the a...

    Rune | Latest reply: Rune Sep 08
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  • Instagram suggested accounts not showing

    Hello,  I wish to receive "Suggested for you" account suggestions after I follow someone on Instagram, but this box isn't showing up for me. I've che...

    CSilva | Latest reply: CSilva Sep 08
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  • Couldn’t request an sms code after 24 hours passed Instagram

    Hello, I had this issue with my Instagram account it. I had issues with my provider that I was not receiving any sms codes. I fixed this issue alrea...

    Khaled_6368 | Latest reply: haileyhargett.. Sep 06
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  • Reel getting distorted

    Hello, When I try to upload my reel, it gets distorted. I have tried clearing cache, reinstalling app and updating phone. Nothing has worked.

    Skud | Latest reply: Skud Sep 06
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  • falsely deactivated due to false "impersonation report

    Hello, Not sure if this forum is still active. but is there any way that someone can help me get in contact with Instagram or META support? My accoun...

    TheOriginalTony | Latest reply: TheOriginalTony Sep 05
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  • My Site Is Blocked By Instagram

    Hello, My site is blocked by Instagram please resolve it as soon as possible.

    hassan19 | Latest reply: hassan19 Sep 05
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  • Online Status Meaning

    Hello, What does the order that people show up as online in the messaging tab mean?  I’ve been wondering about this for a while as some people no matt...

    alexanderlba... | Latest reply: alexanderlbarney Sep 04
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  • One of my Instagram Reels stopped working

    Hello, I've recently started posting my art on Instagram and one of my Reels got a lot of views comparing to the rest of them. After a couple of days...

    mari | Latest reply: mari Sep 04
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  • Promotion posts are not available

    Hello, Im trying to make promotion on my ig post but it shows me the same issue. Does anyone knows what the solution is ?

    Debbie | Latest reply: Debbie Sep 04
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  • How to undo "remove link" in bio? Closed

    Hello, I accidentally removed the link of my profile from my boyfriend's bio. Now, when he wants to mention me in his bio, the tag is not linked w...

    mary22 | Latest reply: hi Sep 03
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  • DM Tag opens in google

    Hello, So normally when someone tags me on IG it sends me a DM. But when I try to open it, the photo opens in my browser. I tried looking up the defa...

    Patrikfodor | Latest reply: Patrikfodor Aug 31
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  • What does this message mean and how to change it ?

    Hey guys does anyone know what this message means ?

    Vai | Latest reply: Vai Aug 31
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  • Delete Instagram account

    Hello, a few days ago I created a second instagram account that I would like to delete but when I enter the password it tells me that it is not valid....

    Stepa63 | Latest reply: Stepa63 Aug 30
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  • Payment Deducted yet Ads not given

    Hello, I had paid for boosting my post on Instagram on 29-08-2022. My balance was deducted but a notification from facebook arose saying 'There was a... | Latest reply: thequinn.official Aug 29
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  • Instagram account temporarily locked

    Hello, I have a problem . My insta account has been temporarily locked and probably hacked because it is connected to an email address that i dont ko...

    Johnpsarelis19 | Latest reply: Johnpsarelis19 Aug 27
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  • Instagram Reply function missing

    Hello, I noticed my friends are able to use the reply function and different emojis to react to my messages. I can see that they replied to a specifi...

    Thethaurus | Latest reply: Tommy Aug 27
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  • there was a problem logging you into insta Please try again

    Hello, I am unable to login to my account and have tried all the steps mentioned. All it says is : there was a problem logging you into instagram. Pl...

    kate | Latest reply: kimiakalarazi Aug 26
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  • Blocked accounts posting in my feed

    I've shut down and restarted everything possible, uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram twice. Blocked accounts are posting in my feed daily. Some are...

    Rocksister | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 22
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  • Cannot log in to Instagram desktop

    I have 2 Instagram accounts (one for work and one personal), both of which I use mostly the desktop version... but I have both accounts on my Android ...

    mttpul | Latest reply: Jb445 Aug 16
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  • Instagram algorithms

    Hello, Hı! I wonder the algorithm of the placement of the names that seen under the profile picture of the account that's fallowing by me(the one),...

    Mrsnumberone | Latest reply: Mrsnumberone Aug 15
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  • Disabled instagram account

    Hello, Hello, My instagram was disabled for absolutely no reason. I tried to contact them through instagram help and each time they just asked m...

    Rd | Latest reply: Anonymous Aug 14
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  • I cannot post on instagram! Help!

    Hello, I recently was forced to make a new instagram account and tried to upload all my old photos from my previous account. I got about 52 posts in ...

    MihajloSimsic | Latest reply: MihajloSimsic Aug 14
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  • Why Instagram Videos are not sharing or posting anymore?

    Hello, Why is it that after many posts of many videos, now videos are NOT  posting or sharing  on Instagram PC App?

    redleggedreaves | Latest reply: redleggedreaves Aug 13
    3 replies
  • I cannot see all my IG highlights

    Hello, I am not able to see all my IG Highlights on my profile!  My followers can see all my Highlights but me with my own account I can only see up ...

    Miristka | Latest reply: Miristka Aug 13
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  • Video complies with rules but won't post

    Hi, hope someone can help, I can't post a video to the feed which seems to comply with Instagram rules - portrait, 311mb, 1080x1920 resolution, aspect...

    NicolaO | Latest reply: NicolaO Aug 13
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  • hi my account hacked its been 4 days

    hi my Instagram account hacked its been 4 days I tried to recover like 100 times every time they said I need to send selfie video after that they say ...

    shahiinna | Latest reply: shahiinna Aug 13
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  • Instagram restricted my account over a week ago

    I started my business account on instagram about 3 weeks ago. I had a video about making candles that went viral and it prompted about 1000 bot accou...

    lking11171 | Latest reply: olivia Aug 12
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  • Adjust Timing/Duration of Reels Stickers

    I have a Galaxy S21. I try to post reels regularly. One thing I would like to do is to use stickers, but only have them appear at specific times in th...

    KhaiKhai2884 | Latest reply: KhaiKhai2884 Aug 12
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  • Hacked and stolen IG account

    Hello, I was naive. After a follower asked for my help by copying a link that would be sent to me and sending it back to them, they stole my account...

    CaribbeanLover | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10
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  • Instagram direct messages notifications not working

    Hello, I have not been able to get notifications from my instagram direct messages? I have tried almost everything on general website suggestions: ...

    kittyf | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 10
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  • feeds are not working

    Hello, I am a blogger in the tech field; mostly, my audience asked me about the feed problem, and they sent me a massage like this. I am facing too ma...

    huzaifasunny | Latest reply: huzaifasunny Aug 07
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  • Reel posts not visible to other accounts

    Hello, I've just created a basic reel from a business account, this shows as being visible on both the main photo grid and reel tab when I'm on my bu...

    LJM_insta_qu... | Latest reply: LJM_insta_questions Aug 07
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  • How to see someone's close friends

    Hello, I would really need to see someone's close friends on instagram. Does anyone know how to do that (or hack that), even though I am not on their...

    Baruu | Latest reply: Baruu Aug 07
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  • gift messages don't work

    If I send a gift enclosed message to someone, they don't see it, neither I see it when it sent to me

    nogato | Latest reply: nogato Aug 06
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  • Can’t see or reply to comments at my own posts Closed

    Hello, Please help. At all my posts on Instagram I cant see or reply to comments that are made at my posts. Tried everything and all the settings ...

    Snowglobefor... | Latest reply: Arman3212 Aug 04
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  • Instagram promotion disabled

    Hello friend, My instagram promotion is disabled though I have not really posted any promotional posts there I have already unlinked my Facebook fr...

    TashiWangmu | Latest reply: TashiWangmu Aug 04
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