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    September 2022

    30 September
    • How to fix Active Desktop recovery error message?

      It is common that Windows shows error messages but how do you remove them ? If you are getting the Active Desktop Recovery error message at Windows startup, follow the procedure in the article below.

    • Laptop overheating: how to fix?

      Overheating in a laptop is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. In fact, the cooling system of the laptop should be an important consideration for you before buying. Black screen displays, system crashes, and sudden restarts are some of the symptoms of this problem. This tutorial will walk you through other ways that you may fix an overheating problem in your laptop.

    • Connect Android to PC: via WiFi, USB

      Taking pictures or recording videos with your phone can quickly overwhelm your device's storage capacity and cause low memory alerts. One solution to this problem is to transfer the photos and videos to your PC. This way, you can keep your valuable memories on your PC, gain space, and speed up the processes on your mobile device. In this article, we show you the different ways you can connect your Android smartphone to your computer.

    • Top Christmas free photo apps: for iPhone, Android

      Christmas portraits were already considered a tradition long before there were smartphones. Now that we all have access to decent camera on our phones, the possibilities have multiplied! In this article we will present five apps for Android and iOS that allow you to turn your Christmas photos with family and friends into genuine works of art.

    • The Sims 4 add on: packs, list, ranked

      The Sims 4 is arguably the most complete edition of the entire Sims saga. Since its launch in 2014, its creators have added a multitude of expansion packs which give you the possibility to enrich your playing experience in this virtual world. Because there are so many possible expansion packs, it's easy to get lost! In this article we will explain which add ons are the most interesting and worth your time!

    • Reset Sony Xperia: to factory settings, hard reset

      In this article, you will to learn how you can reset the Sony Xperia Z to its factory settings. Before beginning, please note that resetting the smartphone will result in the deletion of any and all stored data and settings. We recommend that you back up your data using the Sony PC Companion (27MB) software.

    • Add subtitles to a video on Android for free

      Nowadays we have access to TV series and movies from all over the world. This subsequently creates a need for subtitles in English and other languages. In this article, we will show you how to add subtitles to movies and series stored on your Android device.

    • How to get YouTube Premium for free

      YouTube Premium is a paid Google service that offers additional access to the service. Additionally, with a Premium account, you can watch YouTube videos without ads.

    • How to move apps to a memory card?

      You may need more memory to fully enjoy your smartphone, especially if it has limited capacity because it is low or medium range, or if you use many apps. However, the latest versions of Android change the way you can move an application to your phone's SD memory card. Here we'll explain how to do it.

    • How to know if your WiFi is being stolen

      Have you noticed that your internet connection is slower than usual? Or that it works and stops intermittently? It could be a technical problem, but it could also be that someone is stealing your WiFi. Find out if this is happening to you and how to avoid it, read on.

    29 September
    • How to download and install Microsoft Office?

      Do you need Microsoft Office, but don't have the money to pay for the license? Well, we have good news for you, you can now legally find the complete Microsoft Office package online and for free. Thanks to the online versions, you can easily access Office tools on Windows 10 and macOS if you have a Microsoft account.

    • How to make a group call on Skype

      Skype is a web-based chat program that allows you to video chat with your friends and family. Among the software's many features, participating in group calls is a popular option that makes it possible to talk to several of your loved ones at once. While initiating a normal Skype call is fairly straightforward, organising a group call is a bit less obvious. If you need help doing so, this tutorial will walk you through the steps.

    • Md5sum download and how to use

      The md5sum utility is used to calculate what is called the fingerprint of a file. A small tutorial for the program "md5" or "md5sum" commonly called "checksum". (The checksum is a value of 128 bits corresponding to a checksum calculated from the archive).

    • How to set Firefox default zoom

      Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers across the world. It aims to provide a seamless browsing experience with many unique features. You can also set a default zoom level for all websites.

    • How to display popup reminders on Android?

      You can configure the Calendar app of your Android smartphone to display popup notifications for upcoming events. To enable this feature follow the simple guide below.

    • How to force quit on Mac?

      Sometimes you might need to force quit software if it's frozen or slowing your computer down. The Ctrl + Alt + Del combination is specific to the PC (Windows operating system). This command runs by pressing three keys simultaneously and stops any running software immediately. Below you will find the Mac version of this useful command so read on.

    • How to customize USB drive wallpaper on Windows?

      Customizing the background of your USB file folder is a fun way to add a little more personality to your device. This article will teach you how to set a custom image background to your USB drive.

    • Play Halo Infinite split screen: campaign, multiplayer, Xbox

      There is one thing that those of us who know the Halo saga well are clear about: playing on our own is not the same as playing with friends. Luckily, thanks to a curious glitch, now we can once again feel the emotion of going through Halo campaign with your friends. In this article we will explain the trending glitch that allows co op mode.

    • How to create a recovery CD on Windows 10

      Create a recovery and master CD by burning the contents of the hidden tattoo partition into a CD. There is an established protection system to prevent re-use of OS and driver software on other systems by a hidden tattoo partition on the hard drive that contains a copy of the operating system and device drivers of hardware. If there are problems in burning the hidden partition on the CD, it is possible to retrieve the master CD by paying on the hotline or through some forums. It is important to o

    • Create server: for Minecraft, for CounterStrike

      Online games are highly popular nowadays. All of them work through servers that provide games with the perfect connection to communicate with each other. Did you know that you can create your own server for Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and many other games? Read on to find out how to do it.

    • Remove VBS virus: manually, with an antivirus

      If you had a virus-type script file that was removed from your hard disk by your antivirus software but is now seeing this message: "Cannot find script file C:\windows\system32\FaAntivirus.vbs" it may be on one or all of your flash drives. What you have is the registry entry that is attempting to start the file. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of this virus permanently.

    • How to enable push to talk in Steam

      If you are using a microphone, or a gaming headset when you play on Steam, then the default setting for chatting with your friends is Open Microphone. It means your microphone is enabled all the time while you are playing. If you want to change it, just follow the following simple steps.

    • How to configure the taskbar in Steam?

      Did you know you can tune your experience on Steam by customizing your taskbar? In a few simple steps, you will discover how to shape your taskbar the way it better fits your needs.

    • How to check Google Chrome: for updates, version history

      Google regularly updates its Chrome browser for security and performance enhancements. These updates are dispatched automatically to your computer, so you don't have to take any additional steps. Here we'll show you how to check if your Google Chrome browser is up-to-date.

    • GTA 4 cheats: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

      This guide will show you the GTA IV cheat codes for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This list also includes the cheat codes for the Episodes from Liberty City expansions.

    • How to delete WhatsApp contact?

      WhatsApp contact lists are made from your phone's contact list. Removing a contact from your phone should remove them from WhatsApp, but what can you do when the contact is not already on your phone? In this article, we will show you how to delete a WhatsApp contact, even one that is not in your address book, on iPhone and Android.

    • Best online learning platforms: for adults, kids, free

      Learning doesn't have to be limited to a physical place and today the web offers an infinite range of free options to study design, computer science, history, languages and other disciplines taught by some excellent professionals from a number of prestigious educational institutions. Here's a list of recommendations for free courses in English to keep you learning from home.

    • How to fix missing Hal DLL in Windows?

      The corrupted or missing HAL.DLL error message encountered when starting up a Windows operating system is misleading, as the problem comes from inconsistencies in the BOOT.INI file as opposed to the named DLL file. This article will show you two possible solutions.

    • Skype notifications: not working, mute, Windows 10

      You may have noticed that each time one of your contacts comes online in Skype, there's a small notification that pops up. This can be quite annoying, as this can cause some programs to exit full-screen mode. Sometimes, on the contrary, you miss an important message or call because the notification didn't come in. This article will show you how to manage Skype notifications and personalize them.

    • Access Yahoo Mail: on Android, iPad, iPhone

      If you'd like to access your Yahoo mail on your android device, iPad or phone, then the procedure has never been simpler. In this article we will show you the necessary steps for accessing your Yahoo Mail account.

    28 September
    • How to turn AirPods into a microphone?

      Live Listen is a useful iPhone feature that allows you to record an interesting lecture or an interview and listen to it in live format using your AirPods. This is a particularly handy feature as an accessibility tool for people who have any kind of hearing problem, but also to enable better hearing if, for example, your interlocutor is too far away from you. Here's how to use your AirPods as if they were a microphone that amplifies what you want to hear.

    • How to read and create BIN and CUE files

      A BIN and CUE file is used to create the disk image to burn it into a CD or DVD. Specific software is required. This software is used to burn BIN and CUE files into hardware like CD/DVD. To read them, software converters need to extract standard files from the image. There are free downloadable software converters available which convert these files to standard files.

    • How to set zoom settings in Google Chrome

      Your Google Chrome browsing experience can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. One way that you can personalize your browser is by setting your preferred default zoom level. This article will show you how to adjust your Chrome zoom settings on PC and Android devices.

    • The best free book apps: for kids, adults, audiobooks

      Today, there is a great amount of free book apps with millions and millions of readers. With all those options, which one is the best? In this article, we discuss our favorite book apps - and some of them include audiobook options. If you want to find the perfect place to meet people as excited as you about reading, then check out our selection!

    • How to disable comments on Steam profile?

      Sometimes you just want to game in peace or enjoy using Steam without receiving annoying, rude or useless comments on your profile. In this short article, we will show you how to disable comments on the platform. Likewise, if you want to disable the other in-game social features, such as chat and notifications whilst you play, this article will show you how to do that as well.

    • How to use Trello: for project management, effectively

      Trello is a great app for managing and organizing group or personal projects. It can greatly increase your effectiveness by letting you visualize progress and easily assigning responsibilities in a group. Below we'll explain how this tool works and give you some advice to get the most out of it, whether for professional, personal, or creative purposes.

    • Top personal safety apps (2022): for Android, iPhone

      Physical and sexual violence is a global problem that affects millions of people-especially women, every day. To improve your security, technology has become a great ally. If you want to feel more at ease when you go out, read on and find out about some of the best applications that can be used to protect you or give an alarm if you are in danger.

    • BeReal, the new popular app: What is it? How does it work?

      BeReal is a photo-sharing app that encourages users to share one photo per day to give their followers a glimpse of what they are doing on a daily basis. The idea is that BeReal is more authentic than other social media, like Instagram or TikTok in that you cannot easily curate your BeReal images. This article will look at BeReal and explain what it is all about.

    • Appear offline on Facebook chat: via web browser, app

      As much as we all love chatting with friends on Facebook, it can get frustrating when your internet browsing or work is constantly interrupted by chat notifications and new windows opening up. One way to avoid this situation is to set your Facebook chat status to offline. This setting will make it appear that you are currently unavailable, allowing you to browse and work in peace. Read on to find out how to do it.

    • How to install a new graphics card?

      If you are an experienced gamer, you probably know that changing a graphics card can massively improve the quality of the games graphics. Changing the card is not such a complicated process if you come well prepared. In this article, we will show you how to replace your graphics card with no stress.

    • How to change SIM PIN on Samsung?

      Samsung's Galaxy smartphones allow you to protect your personal information by locking your SIM card with a PIN. While you should choose your code with care, you always have the option to change your SIM PIN. This tutorial will walk you through the short process.

    • Best podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

      Marvel movies deep analysis, 6 experimental "astronauts" on the top of Hawaii mountain, secret history details, "rabbit holes" of the Internet, geopolitical trends and predictions, as well as more relaxing meditation or poetry issues – in our listing of the best podcasts to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

    • App Store subscriptions: how to cancel on iPhone, iPad, Mac

      If you are a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod user, you will already have an iCloud account. From this account, you can manage all your subscriptions from the App Store. In this article, we will show you how to modify or unsubscribe from your subscriptions.

    • Where to download apps: on iPhone, Android, HP

      Knowing where to safely download content from the internet is important. This article will show you the safest online platforms where you can download apps for your smartphone with little risk of downloading malware. There are platforms for iPhone, Android, Windows, Ubuntu among others.

    • Facebook Fan Badge: meaning, how to get

      If you have your favourite Facebook page, where you always read posts, often leave comments and likes, you probably already have a Top Fan badge. If so, read on to find out, what a Top Fan badge is and how to manage it.

    • XAPK file: installer, means, format

      Those of you who love downloading apps for Android phone from third-party sources might be already familiar with APK (Android Package Kit) file extension. It eases the download of unofficial and geo-restricted apps to your smartphone. There is a new file extension that emerged recently – XAPK. In this article, we explain what is it, why do you need to know about XAPK files and how to install them.

    • Set custom ringtone on Windows phone: WP7, WP8

      Windows Phone gives you the ability to add MP3 songs as custom ringtones. This walkthrough will show you how to use a music track as ringtone for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. These tips should also work for the Nokia Lumia 535, 520, 540, and Windows 10 phones.

    • Restore deleted Gmail emails: from spam, trash

      Gmail holds all the emails that have been deleted in the folder marked as Trash. When the mails are purged from the Trash folder of Gmail they are permanently deleted. This quick article will show you how to recover your deleted emails.

    • Free online puzzles

      Puzzles can be a good way to pass the time while having fun. If you usually enjoy classic puzzles but don't have any at home, don't worry: there are several websites and apps where you can access online jigsaw puzzles free of charge. We'll give you a quick overview of some to check out.

    • Mobile phone audio formats: which one you should use?

      Mobile phones support a wide variety of audio file formats. Some compatibility issues require the prior conversion of audio files to make them readable on multiple devices. Here's an overview of the existing audio file formats and conversion options.

    • Weird Nintendo Switch games you need to play (2022)

      The Nintendo switch has become one of the most popular on the market due to its great versatility and the huge number of games available in its catalog, close to half a thousand. Here are some of the most weird and original games you can enjoy on your Switch.

    • How to fix Google Chrome cursor bug

      When using the Google Chrome browser, a common and frustrating bug is when the mouse cursor disappears. There are several ways on how to prevent websites you are visiting from disabling the mouse cursor on Chrome that you can try to get rid of the problem. Read on to find out the most useful ones.

    • Repost Instagram stories: to your story, if not working

      Instagram allows you to easily repost stories where you have been mentioned directly from the app. However, reposting a story where you haven't been mentioned is also possible, although you will need to use a third-party app. Check out this article for instructions.

    • Top wireless chargers: for Android, iPhone

      Slowly but surely, wireless charging technology has gained popularity within the smartphone industry. A wireless charger allows you to ditch the cables and charge your cell phone by simply placing it on the charging base. In order to use a wireless charger, you need to make sure that your mobile is compatible with this technology (check your device specifications). Here is our selection of the five best wireless chargers and where to buy them.

    • Top 3D software for home design

      When it comes to housing and architectural design, there are a number of great 3D design tools that can help to make the process infinitely easier. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best software and online tools available if you're looking to design a space from scratch or remodel current living spaces. These tools offer fun and easy ways to create floor plans and furnish your house without having to move a single piece of furniture.

    • How to update the graphics card driver: automatic, manual

      A graphics card is required when using heavy graphics such as playing video games. Depending on the graphics features you want to use, you may need to update your graphics driver to make sure everything will work properly. Here is how to do that on Windows.

    • How to install Virtual DJ: Windows, MacOS

      This article will show you how to install Virtual Dj, audio mixing, and DJ software. Virtual DJ is a software developed by Atomix Productions and is one of the most popular tools among amateur and pro DJs. It is available on Mac and PC. Here we give you a quick tour of the installation process.

    • How to create Memoji in WhatsApp?

      Since its creation in 1995, emojis have gained major popularity. Memojis take it a step further, using technology that combines facial recognition, augmented reality, and AI to create personalized animated emojis: Memojis. We'll show you how to take your messages to the next level.

    • How to fix joy con drift on Nintendo Switch

      Experiencing a Joy-Con drift while you are enjoying your favorite game on Nintendo Switch can be overly frustrating. Although Nintendo now offers free repair service, we share with you a reliable and simple procedure to fix your Joy-Cons.

    27 September
    • AutoCAD guide for beginners: tips and trics

      AutoCAD is the most popular and useful program among architects, landscape designers and engineers. With it, you can create plans, different graphs and schemes. The software is relatively expensive, so if you only need to make several edits to your drawing, you can use the free AutoCAD Web app. In this article, we will guide you on how to edit and create drawings using AutoCAD Web app.

    • How to unlock your LG USIM card

      This article provides the codes that may be used to unlock the USIM card on your LG phone. Note that this procedure requires that you possess both a valid sim card as well as the Simlock code provided by your internet service provider.

    • Windows 10 Pro vs. Home: What's the difference?

      While Windows 10 Home is intended for a casual use, Windows10 Pro will primarily be of interest to SMEs and professionals requiring access to specific administration or security features. What are the differences between Windows 10 Home and the Pro edition? Which edition of Windows 10 is right for you? All you need to know is in this article.

    • Security settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded

      Security settings are an integral part of computing. These settings not only guard against unauthorized access but also protect against any kind of malware or virus attacks, coming from the internet or external drives. It is important to choose these security settings judiciously otherwise day-to-day computer activities like downloading can be hindered. Follow this guide for a detailed explanation.

    • How to create your own font online

      For artistic or professional purposes, you may be looking for a service that allows you to create a font using your own handwriting. In this guide we will take you through the steps to do exactly that.

    • Best Christmas movies

      Сhristmas and New Year are coming, and even though this year was tough for everybody, now it's time for some festive mood and relaxation. That's why we selected the best Christmas movies: from classics like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Home Alone" to "Holidate'' and a slasher "Black Christmas".

    • Disk boot failure: how to fix it for Windows Xp, 7, 10

      When starting your computer system, a 'disk boot failure - insert system disk' error can occur for several reasons, including either hardware or software changes. It is possible to fix the disk boot failure error by restoring the boot sector in the case of corrupt system files. If the disk is damaged, partitioning the disk and reinstalling the operating system will solve the problem.

    • The best VR games (2022): on Steam, Occulus

      Virtual Reality whilst not a brand new addition to the tech market, is one of the latest technologies in the gaming world which envelopes gamers in an entirely different reality during gameplay. There has been renewed interest in the VR universe and with incredible releases (and a global pandemic) it's not hard to see why. In this article we'll explain a little bit about VR and round up a selection of some of the hottest, new VR game releases to inspire you when looking to invest in a new game.

    • Best phone battery life (2022)

      A great smartphone comes with a great battery without sacrificing other aspects and features. If you are looking for a device with amazing battery life, then you should check the selection we made for you.

    • Blocking content in Opera

      Upon browsing on the web, it may happens that you find yourself on a particular website with unsuitable contents and you don't want let your children to have access to the latter. There's an easy way on Opera.

    • How to copy data to multiple worksheets in Excel

      Many Excel users struggle to figure out how to move data from an entry sheet onto an archived sheet. Although Excel is a spreadsheet designed to perform complex calculations, such as mortgage amortization tables or tracking sales figures, most people never explore its more in-depth operations.

    • Update the Google Play Store app

      You already know that updating your mobile apps is essential for maintaining security and getting the most out of your device. Android applications are typically updated automatically via the Google Play Store. However, these updates may sometimes fail. Here we explain how to update to the latest version of Play Store App.

    • How to use the Game Center on iPhone

      Game Center is Apple's online gaming social network that enables you to compete against other users in multiplayer games. Here we are going to explain to you the main features of the Apple Game Center.

    • Find a Wi-Fi password in Windows

      Whether you have forgotten a Wi-Fi password that was assigned to you or a password that you have chosen, all is not lost. You can use your computer to retrieve your forgotten WiFi password. Continue reading to find out how to do so.

    • Amazon Prime Day 2: Prime Early Access Sale date, best deals

      Lately, Amazon made an announcement: there will be a second Amazon Prime Day. The retailer calls it the Prime Early Access Day, but it's pretty much the same as the usual Amazon Prime Day held in July: good deals on electronics, low prices, and a large selection of items. Here's what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 1 and 2!

    26 September
    • How to create a new Facebook account

      Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown into a social media giant, amassing approximately 2 billion monthly actively users worldwide. Becoming part of the world's largest online community is easy and only requires you to create an account on the platform.

    • How to connect to Wi-Fi: iPhone, iPod

      The iPhone or iPod can be connected to a LiveBox Wi-Fi in a few quick and easy steps. Here we reveal to you the simple steps you can follow to quickly connect your iPhone or iPod to any Wi-Fi hotspot.

    • How to share games on Steam

      Steam provides the Steam Family Sharing feature that allows users to share their Steam accounts and games. Of course, you cannot play the same game simultaneously, but it will enable people to share their games with lots of flexibility and simplicity.

    • How to request a refund on Google Play

      There are plenty of situations when you may need to ask for a refund after having purchased a Google product on Google Play. Here is an insight into how to ask for a refund properly.

    • Play Atari Breakout on Google

      Hot on the heels of its successful incorporation of Pacman Doodle to its homepage, Google has integrated Atari's famous Breakout arcade game into the Images tab on its site. This article will teach you how to access Atari Breakout on Google Images.

    • Best budget gaming chairs (2022)

      You may be used to gaming from your sofa, or sitting in front of your PC on a typical office chair, however spending hours in these positions whilst you game can put unnecessary stress on your back. This article will explore the key features and functions of a gaming chair and show you some of the best gaming chairs to improve your gaming comfort.

    • Best music making apps: for beginners and professionals

      If you are a professional musician or just learning how to play a musical instrument, it's never too early or too late to try and record a soundtrack or a song. In this article, we compiled 7 best programs for recording, editing and writing music. You can also use these tools for recording podcasts. Read on to discover which one is the best for you on the way towards your first album.

    • How to deactivate Safe Mode on Android

      You may find that your Android device has gone into Safe mode without meaning for it to. This can be caused by repeated application crashes or simply by you accidentally pressing the combination of buttons that activates it. This how-to will introduce you to several ways of deactivating Safe mode on your Android.

    • Top relaxing websites to relieve stress

      It can be difficult to concentrate in stressful moments: the focus is lost, and you are overcome with emotions. In this article, we have collated a list of websites that will help you relax for a moment and regain control over your anxiety. Permanently stressed people might want to keep a couple of these services bookmarked just in case.

    • How to force quit apps on iPhone, iPad, macOS

      Sometimes apps will become unresponsive on your apple device and prevent you from using it properly. If your iPhone, iPad, or mac no longer responds to any input after an app crash or error, there is a simple way to troubleshoot this issue.

    • The best grammar checking solutions

      Whether creating a blog, social media content, sending professional emails, writing articles, or learning. Here we give you a thorough insight into the best online, desktop, and mobile grammar checkers to ensure you get the most out of your writings.

    • The best online streaming services

      If you would like to watch TV online on your computer there are several options available. Most streaming options such as Netflix and Hulu are paid, but free alternatives are also available. In this article, you'll find several popular sites to watch TV online from your computer or another personal device.

    • How to make video games: game engines and software

      You no longer need to be a tech or to have lots of programming skills to make your video games. You can now use many powerful game engines and editors to build any game you want without limits.

    • How to install Minecraft Mods: Windows, Mac

      Minecraft is the most played sandbox game of all time. It offers a rich and re-playable world with lots of fun gameplay mechanics. It also allows you to personalize your experience up to adding mods to the game. Come discover how to add all kinds of mods to this incredible game.

    • How to fix a blue screen on Windows

      The Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD on Windows indicates a system crash. Here we tell you what you need to understand when the error codes are displayed.

    • Dota Underlords: best cheats and tips

      DOTA Underlords is one of the most popular and successful independent adventure games on the market. In this game you'll battle against 7 rivals to win control of the city White Spire. Several tips are available for the game, and we'll fill you in below.

    23 September
    • What is Checkr background check?

      Used by thousands of international companies, Checkr is the trendy kid on the block to help make hiring faster, more transparent and provide equal access to jobs.

    • How to change fonts in Instagram: for bio, apps

      If you're a regular on Instagram, you might have noticed some users using exciting new fonts. By default, Instagram offers one font across the application. However, if you also want to spice up your page with new fonts, there are a few ways. Here we'll show you several options to use different IG fonts.

    • Best browsers for Windows 10 (2022)

      Windows 11 is officially here - however, it will take some time before it becomes the dominant OS version among Windows users. If you are still hesitant whether to get it or not or if your PC looks like it will have a hard time running it, it may be a good idea to see how you can optimize your Windows 10. To help you do so, we made a compilation of the best web browsers for this OS, that will help you get the most out of it before switching to Windows 11. So wait no more and read on!

    • Download Instagram Stories: in app, Chrome extension

      It's happened to us all, while flicking through Instagram stories you come across one that catches your attention and that you'd like to keep for future reference. In this article, we're going to show you how to download Instagram stories to your smartphone or computer.

    • Nodersok Malware: what is it and how to protect your PC

      Nodersol is a new malware that goes unnoticed by antivirus programs and has already infected thousands of computers worldwide, mainly in Europe and the United States. The consequences could be significant, so it's best to prepare. We'll fill you in!

    • How to use conditional formatting in Excel

      Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel allows you to apply lots of different effects on cells based on their individual and a given condition. Here's a simple way to apply conditional formatting to your document.

    • How to take screenshots on PS4

      This guide will teach you how to take a screenshot on the PlayStation 4. You will be able to take a screenshot of your game session and share it with your friends on social networks.

    • The best virtual museums and galleries online

      Did you know you could access over 500 galleries and museums from your home? Here we list all the cultural activities you can enjoy using online services to visit lots of different sites. Over 500 virtual galleries and museums are waiting for you.

    • How to see your downloads in Chrome?

      Like many web browsers, Google Chrome keeps track of the items that you download from the web. If you use Chrome and would like to see all of the files and applications that have been downloaded, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps which we have explained below. This method should work on all versions of Chrome including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

    • What does Bomboclaat mean?

      The internet is packed full of funny memes, hilarious gifs, and expressions that form part of its own unique language. Here we'll explain the origin of the expression and how to use it on the world wide web.

    • Change computer system language: Windows 7, Windows 10

      Computer users are often faced with the ordeal of changing the pre-set language of their operating system, either from English to the language of their choice or from another language to English. However, with some basic formatting knowledge, customising your OS is simple. This do-it-yourself procedure works for most updated versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    • Best management programs: alternatives to Microsoft Project

      Microsoft Project is a well-known program for the management of large projects, that allows one to make GANTT charts and PERT diagrams on a work plan, as well as to foresee the resources that will be allocated to it. Fortunately, there are currently free options similar to Microsoft Project that also offer good results. In this article, you will find the 10 best alternatives to Microsoft Project without spending a cent.

    • What is AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and how does it work

      AGP is the short-term for Accelerated Graphics Port and is concretely a point-to-point bus. The bus, compatible with IBM computers, is hence used as a Local Bus and operates as a Peripheral Component Interface that includes 20 supplementary signals not currently found on a PCI bus.

    • Avira free antivirus: for Windows, review 2022

      The famous free antivirus with award-winning protection detects and removes malicious programs such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, adware and more. It also repairs infected files, blocks browser crawlers, discovers potentially unwanted applications, amongst other features. This article shows you how Avira Free Antivirus works.

    • How to get the Instagram blue badge?

      Being able to request this badge was reserved for, until not so long ago, a privileged few. It is now available to all users with either a business account or a personal account. In this article we will show you the requirements for requesting a badge and how to get verified on Instagram.

    • Airbnb top alternative websites: best price, promotions

      Although Airbnb has become the worldwide reference vacation home rentals and home sharing, it is not the only one. In fact, there are many websites that offer all types of accommodation in private homes and apartments. If you are more of an adventurer or prefer to stay with full comfort, in this article we tell you what are the best alternatives to Airbnb to have the best stay at the best price.

    • VLC won't play YouTube videos: what to do?

      Downloading videos from YouTube is a common practice and there are plenty of software that allow you to do that. However, once on your computer, you might have encountered difficulties playing the latest downloads with VLC but not with the older videos. The present article discusses different solutions for this problem, so if this is what you are searching for, then keep reading.

    • Protect WhatsApp account: with password, fingerprint

      Your WhatsApp account could be hacked, leaving your data stolen, conversations seen, and files and passwords vulnerable to thieves. How can this happen? Hackers don't require physical access to your phone, instead, they can install spyware. In this article, we'll show you how to keep safe on WhatsApp with a password and with a fingerprint.

    • How to create an account in Outlook is the free email service offered by Microsoft. It combines the best features of Outlook email client software and Hotmail/MSN to give you access to a wide array of features. This is the step-by-step tutorial to get started on

    • Top parental control apps: for iPhone, Android, PC

      Today, children are learning how to use smartphones before walking or talking. Therefore, this causes a situation that increasingly worries parents: the use of devices with Internet access by children exposes them to all kinds of content unsuitable and even dangerous for them. To protect them, dialogue between the parent and the child is important, but to ensure their safety, parental control programs can be very helpful. In this article, you will find some very useful tools.

    • How to download and select a ringtone on iPhone

      Downloading a ringtone to your iPhone is a great idea if you are looking for ways to personalize your experience. Here we tell you everything you need to know to download new ringtones and pimp your contact's ringtones.

    • Clear Bing search history on Windows 10

      Bing is one of the popular internet browsers that provide a seamless experience to its users. If you are using Bing, you can clear its browsing history by following the steps described below. This will help boost your security online.

    • Black Friday 2022 best deals: Best Buy, Amazon, Apple

      Black Friday is upon us again and with it, the possibility of buying a multitude of products at significant discounts. In this article we will look at a handful of products to keep an eye on this Black Friday. This article will get updated with some of the best deals once they are known.

    • How to import and export emails

      In the event you have changed your email client or service provider, you might wish to migrate your emails to a new email client. Service providers have automated features to do this, and this FAQ will show you how to get started with the three most used email services.

    22 September
    • The best DAW and music production software

      If you want to find new tools to create music, you have lots of different solutions with lots of powerful features, a modern interface, and numerous learning resources. So here we provide you with a list of the most used software that will surely fit your needs no matter your skills.

    • How to speed up Chrome browser: on Windows, Android

      The Google Chrome web browser can, sometimes, take too long to load a page for various reasons. Continue reading to find out how to speed up Google Chrome by resolving this issue. These solutions should help speed up all versions of Chrome on Windows 10, PC, Android and Mac.

    • Top apps to boost your productivity and concentration

      In today's fast-paced world, staying focused can be hard! We're constantly bombarded with information and have ever-increasing demands on our time and energy. If you are among those of us who have a hard time staying concentrated, luckily there are several intriguing mobile apps that can be used to boost your concentration and productivity. Try out some of the apps in this article.

    • Top cooking apps: for beginners and amateur cooks

      If you are new to cooking at home and want to keep things fresh, we've come up with a list of the best cooking apps to provide inspiration and help you out with your daily culinary efforts. With this selection, you'll not only get new recipe ideas but perhaps also discover a new passion and Masterchef-level skills!

    • How to change WeChat wallpaper?

      In this short guide, we will show you how to customise the background of all your chats in WeChat. You can use suggested backgrounds or upload your own photos. Read on to find out how to enable dark mode on WeChat too.

    • Sync iPhone with PC or Mac: via iTunes, iCloud, Finder

      It can be very convenient to have your devices connected and access your iPhone files and data on your Windows or Mac computer. You can do so using a data cable or over a Wi-Fi network. In this article we will show you multiple ways to sync your iPhone with your PC or Mac and what kind of content each tool provides.

    • How to buy a refurbished iPhone: from Apple, Back market

      Nowadays we have the possibility to buy used or semi-new iPhones for a considerably reduced price compared to a new one. These are reconditioned iPhones, meaning that they've been reviewed with a special service that inspects the phone and makes the proper repairs to make it good as new. This system brings the old smartphone back to a complete functionality and it's ready to pass onto the hands of it's next owner.

    • Everything about Google Meet: how to use it, breakout rooms

      Google Meet is a useful tool for online video conferences with multiple participants (up to 250), especially while you and your colleagues are working remotely. It is a newer version of the previously named Google Hangouts Meet program and has more features beneficial for business and professional purposes. Read on to discover how to use Google Meet on your desktop and mobile phone.

    • Voice messages on Twitter: activation, time limits

      In addition to sharing videos, photos, and GIFS, Twitter now offers the option of sending audio messages to your followers. How are Twitter voice messages activated? What do you need to do to send them? In this article, we explain all.

    • How to adopt a pet: useful websites and apps

      Thinking of adopting a pet? It is common to have questions about their care and behavior. In this case, you should know that with your computer or mobile device you can access a world of advice, friendships, and even first aid information. Keep reading to find out our top sites that will help you take care of your loved one.

    • The best screen resolution: for gaming, for TV, for eyes

      The screen resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen. A resolution of 1920x1080 means there are 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. Higher resolution means more pixel information, resulting in a better image quality. However, when choosing the ideal screen resolution for each case, several factors must be taken into account, in addition to the price.

    • What is a TIFF File used for?

      The Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), or TIF format is a bitmap (raster) graphic file format. It was developed in 1987 by Aldus (now belonging to Adobe). The latest specifications (Revision 6.0) were published in 1992. This article will explain what a TIFF file is and what it is used for.

    • How to edit, modify, restore the hosts file?

      The hosts file (/etc/hosts on Unix based system) is the first step in the translation of a FQDN hostname to the IP address format. When making a DNS request on any address server on the web, this file is queried first. For each name present in this file, a connection will be opened to the defined IP address. It works just like a telephone directory.

    • How to block camera and microphone access on Chrome

      To optimise your user experience, Google Chrome gives you the option to allow websites to access your camera and microphone. If you wish to block microphone and camera on your web browser, this can also be easily arranged. This article will walk you through how to prevent websites from accessing your camera and microphone.

    • How to update dates in Excel spreadsheet: formula

      Do you use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of your weekly, monthly or annual expenses but find yourself updating all relevant date and content information manually? There is an easier, more effective solution and in this article we will provide you with a macro formula which will help with the automatic update of information.

    • All about the Venmo credit card: how to get it, features

      Smart banking isn't something extraordinary nowadays, and almost every active millennial prefers online banking with a useful and friendly interface and fast transactions. The Venmo banking system, owned by PayPal, is making our life easier with their new free Venmo credit card.

    • How does a computer program work?

      A program's behavior depends on the type of language used to write the program. Nonetheless, almost all programming languages are based upon the same principle. This article will explain how a computer program works.

    • How to contact Roblox support: number, email

      Roblox has taken customer service and ensuring quality gameplay to all users very seriously. In addition, they take good care of the target audience and have an exclusive section to facilitate moderation for parents. This way, youngsters can play and create video games safely. In this article we show how to contact them in case of issues related to the platform.

    • How to make Signal your default messaging app

      With WhatsApp's new data policy announcement, that will come into effect in May 2021, many users are transferring to Signal. Like other messaging apps, Signal is primarily used for messaging other users of the app, however on Android devices you can set Signal as your default SMS messaging app.

    21 September
    • How to restore the snipping tool in Windows 7

      Unlike the Windows 7 Starter version, where the Snipping tool feature was completely removed, you can still access it under the other versions of Windows 7, through this simple procedure explained in this article.

    • How does the Google Play Points reward system work?

      Google Play Points is a reward program where you can earn points for everything you do on Google Play Store: for every purchase and level reached. You can use them for in-app purchases, buying movies and books on Google, for example. In this article, we will explain to you what is Google Play Points and how they work.

    • How to make calls from Google Home?

      Google Home is a smart speaker equipped with AI that allows you to sync devices and manage tasks hands-free. Over time, smart speaker capabilities have been enhanced, allowing you to do things like listen to music, order food, and also make phone calls. Continue reading to find out how to make a call on your Google Home.

    • Create and switch between multiple signatures in Gmail

      Sometimes you need to use different signatures, if you use the same email account for communicating with friends or family, or if you have more than one job. Read this article to find out how to create multiple signatures in Gmail and switch between them.

    • The best gaming console: (2022), to buy, under 500

      The choice of game console depends mainly on the type of games you like to play. Each console has its own characteristics that make it special, unique and worth choosing. In this article, we present a selection of the best video game consoles of 2022 and what gaming areas they stand out in.

    • SSD or HDD: Which is better? For storage, for backup

      When choosing storage for a computer, one of the most frequently asked questions is which of the following is better: HDD or SSD? The truth is that there are several differences between both and the choice of one of the other ultimately depends on what your intended use is and what your storage needs are. In this article we will explain the characteristics of each one, which one is faster, and how to choose yours.

    • Protect your personal data: avoid malware, password, VPN

      Nowadays, it is essential to protect your personal information. It is often leaked to advertisers, who send you unnecessary ads and spam but even worse than that, it could also be leaked to hackers. This is far more dangerous for your personal security and confidentiality as well as for your computer safety. In this article, we will guide you through the best precautionary measures to protect your data.

    • How to install a missing .dll file?

      It can occur that you are missing a .dll file (Dynamic Link Library). They are use by many programs to share functions. The most common instance of needing a dll file is when you are trying to fix a DLL error. In this short article we will show you where to find dll files.

    • Block Instagram tags: in captions, comments, and stories

      If you don't want other Instagram users to tag you in their posts, captions or stories without your consent, don't worry, you can control this feature. You just need to activate the manual tagging option and in this article, we'll show you how to do it.

    • What is Joker malware and how to remove it?

      The latest threat to Android devices and the deadly Joker malware is causing havoc with a global reach. Read on to learn more about Joker, how it can affect your device, and what you should do if your phone is infected.

    • What is YouTube shorts?

      YouTube Shorts is the new, TikTok style, video experience for people who want to create short and catchy videos using their mobile phones. This article will introduce you to YouTube Shorts and show you its key features.

    • How to split a file in Linux: split, merge

      Linux has plenty of swift, easy, and practical commands you can use, including splitting or merging files with a single command. Come discover how to break any file you want seamlessly.

    • How to reduce WhatsApp storage: Android, iPhone, data

      Many of us use WhatsApp messenger on a daily basis, receiving messages with media and other files. These files can add up over time and take space on your phone's memory. Removing dated files that you no longer need will save space and improve device performance. Keep reading to find out how to save space on WhatsApp.

    • How to recover lost or deleted files with Recuva

      Recuva is a tool that allows you to recover files deleted by mistake from the hard disk or any other storage device, such as a memory card or a USB drive. To increase the probability of recovering a file, it is essential not to overwrite anything on the disk or card after the file has been deleted.

    • Top 8 miniseries to watch on Netflix

      In the golden age of series, keeping up with so many new releases can be challenging. For those who feel like they're running out of hours to watch it all, we compiled the best miniseries on Netflix that can be watched in one afternoon or weekend.

    • Free Dictionary download: for Android, mobile, iOS

      Mobile phones have become really convenient for downloading data, finding out geographical information, and looking up how to spell or translate a word. Most phones don't come equipped with a dictionary, but you can download one for free. This short walkthrough will teach you how to download and install the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app.

    • Top 9 miniseries to watch on HBO Max (2022)

      HBO has produced some of the best series in history ("The Sopranos" or "Game of Thrones"), as well as some of its miniseries, small, short-lived gems. In this article, we compiled the best of them.

    • How to to activate Dot Not Disturb on Vodafone India

      Vodafone is one of India's largest telecom companies. One of its most appreciated features is blocking unwanted spam and marketing calls and SMS by activating the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. To discover how to do so on your phone, continue reading this article.

    • How to enable Autofill in Safari on iPhone and iPad

      You can ease the usage of websites that require your credentials in Safari by enabling the autofill option on your iOS device. You will not need to type your name, surname, email, or other personal information when logging in to a website or online service. Come discover how to enable the autofill of names and passwords in Safari.

    20 September
    • Is your phone listening to you?

      Have you ever had a face to face conversation about something only to open your phone and see an ad for that same object pop up? Coincidence or creepy? Your phone is in fact listening in on your conversations, especially if you have default settings configured. Read on for more information on this and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

    • Remove Java HD Popups

      During your browsing session, you might be redirected to a webpage displaying the below message: You might need to install Java HD and continue /Please install Java HD and continue (required). You will also encounter such popups when browsing on illegal streaming websites. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of the malware displaying these popups!

    • Excel IF, AND, OR, and NOT functions

      This article will explain how to use the conditional functions IF, AND, OR and NOT on Microsoft Excel. Each of these functions can be used as part of a formula in a cell to compare data samples in any number of columns or sheets in an Excel file. For ease of understanding, we have also included a visual map that illustrates how simple changes in each formula affects your results.

    • How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows

      System restore is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It allows the rolling back of system files, installed programs, registry keys, etc. to an earlier state in case of a system breakdown. Windows can even create restore points automatically when you need them the most. This article explains you how to create a restore point.

    • Java Servlet Development Kit (JDSK) installation

      JSDK (Java Servlet Development Kit) is a package containing all the classes and interfaces needed to develop servlets. JSDK also contains a web server and servlet engine to test your creations. The servlet engine provided in JSDK is a basic one (but free). In this article we will show you how to install and run it on your device.

    • "Open with" option not showing Windows 7

      The "Open With" function is a very useful option to have as a Windows user, especially when opening unknown files. If however, your "open with" function has gone missing on Windows 7, do not worry as we will show you how to restore this feature in the article below.

    • Open Office Writer background image

      Open Office Writer is a software that allows you to add a background image to your document. It can be a creative background for a postcard or a logo for an official document, for example. Read this article to find out how to add a background image to a document on the Open Office Writer program.

    • Open SWF files in Windows and Android

      SWF format is used to store multimedia content and video games. It is very popular because it can be opened directly with any web browser compatible with Flash. However, it is also possible to use an application to open an SWF file. You will need this if you want to open it from your mobile device, since the browser you use is probably not compatible with Flash.

    • Free online antivirus scan

      Are you in need of quick infection diagnosis? Online Antivirus services are very useful cyber security tools to identify malicious software by scanning your computer, specific files and URLs. Although these solutions are not a substitute for antivirus programs, they can help you give you a quick response to any suspicious items or behaviour. In the article below, we've gathered several easy-to-use online antivirus programs.

    • Best Cyberpunk 2077 bugs

      Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated games of the 2020. Unfortunately, it turned out that the most remarkable thing about this game are the various bugs. In this article we make a compilation of the most curious and fun bugs that the community has been encountering in the CD Projekt video game.

    • GTA 6 : release date, trailer, map, leaks and rumors

      This article will gather all the information that is currently available about Rockstar Games' GTA 6, such as the possible release year, the setting, a look at a potential leaked map, and a the September 2022 video leak. In this article we explore everything we know about GTA 6 so far!

    • Send photos WhatsApp: iPhone, without compressing, Android

      WhatsApp gives you the ability to send photos, videos, and audio messages to your contacts, without needing to switch to another application or leave your conversation window. This article will give you a quick run-through of how to share media files on WhatsApp and how to send photos without compressing the images.

    • How to customize the PS4 controller

      Sometimes it is handy to readjust the mapping of the button commands that come by default with the official PlayStation 4 controller or pimp your controller's look. Here you will find everything you need to know to shape your experience using the PS4 controller.

    • How to become an Instagram Influencer: 10 tips to succeed

      The amount of Instagram Influencers has grown rapidly over recent years. If you dream of becoming an influencer, perhaps to reach more people with your content or to earn money, this article will explain how to become an Instagram Influencer and how to get more followers.

    • How to enable YouTube Live streaming

      With YouTube's Live Streaming service, one can easily host and broadcast live events online. Setting up a live streaming session on your YouTube channel is a breeze, it can easily be done from a computer or mobile device.

    • How to reset to factory settings your Android device

      If you are experiencing recurring malfunctions with your smartphone, it might be necessary to perform a hard reset. This procedure is the same for most Android phones but it is worth noting that before you perform a hard reset you should backup your phone, as all your personal data and settings will be erased.

    • How to save and backup game data on PS4

      Copying your game data from your PS4 to an external USB storage back and forth can be very useful to save space without losing data. You can achieve it following only a few steps.

    • Covid-19 vaccine tracker: world, UK, USA

      The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a race to create a vaccine and then vaccinated the populus. This article shows you how to track the amount of people that have received a Covid-19 vaccine across the world.

    • How to install mods and cheat codes in The Sims 4

      If you are a player of The Sims 4, you will be pleased to learn you can tune your experience the way you like by using mods to completely change the game or tweak the game parameters using cheat codes.

    • How to log in to Outlook

      Outlook is a free email service provided by Microsoft, which has been the successor of Hotmail for years. Here you will learn how to log in, log out, and create an Outlook account.

    • Best phones for photography: 2022

      Taking good quality photos isn't reserved for professional photographers and this is why when choosing a new smartphone, the camera characteristics can be a decisive factor. However, this can be complicated because different companies use different technologies, which translates into a variety of approaches to photography. In addition to this, there are the user's personal preferences and needs. In this article we have chosen some of the best phone cameras.

    • How to make a Discord bot

      Discord has become the one of the most famous and preferred platforms for live gaming. However, you don't have to be a gamer to create a server and enjoy all of Discord's cool features. One of these features is the option to create a bot and to add it to your personal server(s). This may sound complicated but if you follow the steps in the present article, you will be able to code your first bot message, so keep reading and make the most out of the platform!

    19 September
    17 September
    • Our selection of the best family movies on Netflix (2022)

      Movie nights are the perfect way to close out a week of working or school. However, the Netflix catalog is so immense that sometimes you simply can't see the wood for the trees. For that reason we'll leave you our selection of the best family titles available for streaming on Netflix. Get your popcorn ready!

    16 September
    15 September
    • Google Kids Space: features, security, devices

      Google's Kids Space is a new 'children's mode' created by Google for Android tablets. It is designed so the little ones in the household can safely explore the Internet and learn about the topics that appeal to them the most, in a format suitable for their age. This feature will arrive gradually on all Android tablets, so if you want to know what it is exactly about and what features it includes, then read on.

    • Top education apps for kids

      In this article, we will provide you with a selection of diverse and interesting apps, divided into 3 age categories, to help you and your children continue to learn and have fun at the same time.

    • How to recycle your old electronics?

      Nowadays, when excess waste is causing irreversible consequences on our planet, it's time to seriously think about how to reuse, repurpose and upcycle everything you use, whether these are clothes, furniture or gadgets. If you are looking at some eco-responsible and sustainable gifts, you could up-cycle your old tech gadgets into new gifts. Read on to discover how to repurpose your old gadgets and get the most out of them.

    • How to turn on the handwashing feature on Apple Watch?

      With Apple Watch, you can switch on the handwashing feature and set a timer. The other useful option is to set up a notification, so the watch will remind you to wash your hands each time you come home from work, for example. Read this article to learn how to switch on the handwashing feature on Apple Watch.

    • Can I read news on Kindle?

      Kindle, the e-book, has become one of Amazon's flagship products and now allows you to read articles and news on the same device as well. Read on to discover how to read articles and news on Kindle and make the most out of your device.